Monday, January 11, 2010

A Logical song

I do not want to be a vegetable.

I think that the song talks about how as we grow up and get vocational training (or even education), we begin to lose sight of it’s true purpose (leisure and learning for the sake of it) and start to busy ourselves at catching up with the world’s fast pace. We begin to search for what’s ‘practical’ and not the ‘thin passage’ or right road, and satisfy ourselves with the “acceptable” instead of the best. As we learn more, we become arrogant and think we know everything, and soon become cynical about the world we live in, forgetting its goodness. We are, after all, “simple men”.

Just like in the song, I also feel confused many times and have questions that don’t seem to have answers. Sometimes nothing makes sense nor does it seem “logical”: Where am I? Where am I going? Who am I? What will I become...? Stepping on the darkness makes me feel insecure and afraid. However I feel I do not want to just live the rest of my life pondering like that and getting nowhere. As I said, I do not want to be a “vegetable” or live like one.

Thus I believe that if I just strive forward, God will take care of my path. Even though nothing seems to make sense, I will still believe and I'm sure one day it will. I feel I just have to wait for the answers while regaining joy and living the way I should be: at its best. Life is after all, a gift full of love given to me by the Creator himself. My wish is to use it wholly and exalt him.

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